Photo by Joe Schmelzer

Nick was born and raised in Southwest Florida. He studied mass communications at Middle Tennessee State University. He is an avid swimmer, softball, and dodgeball player. In 2009, following many aspirations he moved to Los Angeles where he currently resides.

Birthdate: 10/15/1987
Nicknames: Niby, Nibs, Nickers
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5’9″

Righty or Lefty? Right
A color you like to wear? Green
A hobby that occupies your time? Sports
A country you’d like to explore? Australia
A book you strongly recommend? Hunger Games
A piece of clothing you love to wear? Half shirts from the 80’s
The film you could watch over and over? Spice World
Best lyrics from a song? “There’s a lot of strength in weakness, there’s a lot of truth in lies” -Leona Lewis